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Hurray for unnoticed pressure and unexpected praise

Posted on: December 16, 2009

I was at work today.

I have to say, I’ve really been enjoying it. I have various activities, etc. to run, but most of the time my plan for any day I’m working is:

  1. Talk to strangers
  2. Be enthusiastic

And that’s really no hardship.

It’s hard work and it can be a little bit stressful, but most of the time I’m just really enjoying myself.

Today, I was sitting in a room with ten 10-year-olds and their teacher. I was sitting on a table, and we were talking about beans (trust me, it was relevant). We were chatting and laughing and the kids were asking questions and I was providing them with lots of information. It was my first day with kids of that age, and most of the activities we were doing, I didn’t know very well. So there was a lot of improvisation and working out what we were supposed to be doing together.

There was a knock at the door, and my boss came in. She sometimes pops round to see everything’s going alright, so I just said hello and carried on. My boss had a visitor with her, and the woman came in and sat in the room. My boss said, “Do you want to see the rest of the groups?” and the visitor said that if it was okay, she’d stay with us.

It didn’t really register, to be honest. I smiled at her, gave her a chair, and went back to the beans.

I spent the whole afternoon with these kids, having discussions and competitions and that special kind of subterfuge where the people you’re with think you’re just sitting in a room having a nice chat, but you’re covertly teaching them things that they won’t realise they’re learning until someone asks them what they’ve learnt.

It was all fine. Everybody seemed to be reasonably enjoying themselves, and I got all the activities done on time and then the day was over. The visitor thanked me for letting her sit in, and then she went off to speak to my boss.

I was packing away the huge amount of random objects that come with working with children, and my boss came over to talk to me.

  • Her: Thanks for letting your session be observed! I didn’t realise she wanted to stay with one group all afternoon.
  • Me: Don’t worry about it, it was fine.
  • Her: We have to stay on her good side, because she’s the person who grants our funding.
  • Me: What?!
  • Her: Don’t panic. She was really impressed. She said you were amazing, and interacted really well with the students. And the kids’ teacher just came up to tell me you were fantastic, too. So just keep doing what you’re doing!

I know it’s not some massive achievement, but everybody likes to be told they’re doing something well. Especially if they’re being told it by someone who one day might be providing references for them. And it’s nice to impress the person who provides the money that the department uses to run the events I work on. Because no money means no events, and no events means no work for me.

So, a good day for my ego, I think.

1 Response to "Hurray for unnoticed pressure and unexpected praise"

oh wow! well done! *proud face*

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